ecoDestinations Sweden Recommended Trips

ecoDestinations Sweden Recommended Trips

A Selection of the Best Nature Tours in Sweden

Nature's Best

Here are some examples of Nature's Best-certified Swedish ecotourism experiences from across the country, recommended by the Swedish Ecotourism Society. You can also search for various ecotourism experiences on the Nature's Best website and find a perfect match for you among 150+ quality-labeled tours.




Swedish Owl Safari


Location: Svartådalen in Västmanland


How to Get There: Nearest train station is Sala or Västerås. Continue by bus approximately 20 km or 40 km respectively.


Season: Mid-April through May


Company: Birdsafarisweden


Owl Safari(H)owl do you do? Do owls and their mysterious nightlife intrigue you? Accompany the professional bird ringers as they carry out their research and study of owls in the deep forests of Sweden. This is your opportunity to meet Ural Owls (Strix uralensis) on a close encounter in broad daylight and Great Grey Owls (Strix nebulosa) on their hunting grounds in the evening! Svartådalen in Västmanland is a unique place, with a rich natural and cultural heritage in the heart of Sweden. Historically a farming area, it still possesses a wealth of forests, lakes, hay meadows and open wetlands. Learn more about this trip



Overnight on Haparanda-Sandskär


Location: Sandskär


How to Get There: The tour starts at Haparanda harbour. You get there by car, by taxi or with the tour operator by arrangement.


Season: June through August


Company: Bosmina


BosminaSandy Moorlands in the Sea: The small fishermen's cottages on Sandskär lie between land and sea. Peace and calm prevail here, in the northernmost part of Gulf of Bothnia. The pleasant boat trip from Haparanda harbour to Sandskär takes a couple of hours, passing beside large and small islands that have been shaped by the waves. Nowhere else can you see so clearly how islands are formed. Learn more about this trip



Reindeer Sled Tour with Sami Guide


Location: Jukkasjärvi


How to Get There: By train or air to Kiruna. Possibility to pre-book free transfer Kiruna - Jukkasjärvi - Kiruna in connection with booking of tour at fixed times.


Season: January through April


Company: Nutti Sami


ReindeerSteer Your Own Reindeer Sled: The Sami have been using reindeer and sled as a method of transport for hundreds of years. Join this half-day tour where you learn how to drive your own reindeer sled and at the same time learn a lot about a traditional and ancient culture. Snug in a warm overall, boots and hat, you set off to the Reindeer Lodge in Sautosjohka. Here you meet the reindeer and you are instructed about how to drive a reindeer sled. The reindeer has always been one of the pillars of the Sami culture. Learn more about this trip



Kayaking on the West Coast


Location: Fjällbacka


How to Get There: The kayaking starts in Fjällbacka, with possible transfer from Uddevalla.


Season: May through September


Company: Upplevelsebolaget


Kayaking on the West CoastSee the Sea: Smooth, bare rocks glow beautifully red and mild in the evening sun. It's time to pull the kayaks ashore and put up the tents on a tiny, sandy beach all your own. Except for some seals maybe! The Swedish west coast is a seascape of its own. Outside the little town of Fjällbacka there is a maze of islands and islets, and no matter where the wind comes from there are always calm waters. You will explore these fascinating waters together with an experienced guide, and will have time to see most parts of this interesting archipelago. Learn more about this trip


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