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Africa is most famous for its awe-inspiring safari experiences. Hundreds of thousands of animals, such as elephants, rhinos, zebras, and giraffes will migrate across open savannahs. Flamingos will laze about large lakes and lions will hunt their prey.


But that’s not all that Africa has to offer. It is also a very multicultural continent, with thousands of different ethnic groups, languages, and cultures. The most famous of the traditional peoples of Africa is, perhaps, the Maasai, a semi-nomadic people recognizable by their beads, colorful clothing, and “jumping” warrior dances. In addition, Africa has been shaped by foreign influences throughout history, such as the Arab, Asian, and Persian traders and the European missionaries and colonists.


Moreover, Africa is known as the “cradle of civilization”. Significant archaeological sites have discovered human’s oldest fossils on this continent. Found here are numerous rock paintings, depicting ancients symbols, figures, and animals, that are not to be missed.


In all, Africa has a colorful and unique landscape of natural beauty and historical sites. However, like many continents, Africa is seeing its forests disappear, its lakes shrink, and its glaciers recede. The destruction of its natural habits comes about through a variety of issues. As Africa is already home to 1 billion people, its population is expected to quadruple by the end of the century. As the population increases, people expand into wildlife’s habitats, increasing the number of conflicts between wildlife and humans. For example, farmers will often shoot down lions in retaliation for preying on their livestock.


Poaching is another issue in Africa. Endangered animals are often killed for a single body part, such as a tusk, a pelt, or bones, and then sold illegally for exorbitant amounts of money on the black market. Key to conservation efforts are creating wildlife corridors, educating the public, and providing alternative livelihoods, such as ecotourism.


Before you travel to any destination, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself on sustainable tourism initiatives. Familiarize yourself on different ecotourism certifications, read articles on social issues, book with ecolodges and ecotours, and read about individual countries in our ecoDestinations program!


Certifications Programs

Certification sets standards and helps distinguish genuine ecotourism and sustainable tourism businesses from others that make empty claims. While in Africa, make sure to look for these certification brands!


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