The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) is a non-profit association committed to promoting responsible tourism practices that benefit conservation and communities. Representing the voices of stakeholders from all corners of the world, TIES’ global network supports and is supported by members from over 190 countries, who are leading the vital efforts to make travel and tourism more sustainable.

Professional Membership
Professional members receive benefits tailored to those working in ecotourism, and interested in sharing their expertise and improving their skills.
Organization Membership
Any organization directly or indirectly affiliated with the tourism industry and engaged in ecotourism can sign up as an organization member of TIES.

Student Membership
Student members receive benefits tailored to students currently enrolled full-time in educational institutions and are interested in seeking careers in ecotourism.

EcoTraveler Membership
Traveler membership is available to anyone interested in supporting and learning more about ecotourism.
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