Certification and Standards

Certification and Standards

Certification and Standards

What is Certification?

Certification programs in the tourism industry serve as important tools for distinguishing genuinely responsible companies, products, or services from those that are merely using "eco-" or "sustainable" as a marketing tool to attract consumers.


Ecotourism Handbooks on Certification

These handbooks were developed collaboratively by TIES, Rainforest Alliance and the Center on Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, based on a 4-year research project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank's Multilateral Investment Fund. While particularly relevant to the Americas, the handbooks incorporate examples from around the world, as well as lessons learned from certification programs in other industries.


Available in English and Spanish, the handbooks illustrate how to advance tourism certification as a useful and reliable tool for travel consumers and businesses, and provide practical information on how tourism certification works, what funding mechanisms and resources can assist businesses seeking certification, how to effectively market and finance certification programs.


Handbook I (User's Guide)

Handbook II (Funding)

Handbook III (Marketing)

Handbook IV (Financing)

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Reports: Sustainable Tourism Certification & Standards

The following reports are available for download from TIES eLibrary.


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