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Organization Membership

Organization Membership


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Take advantage of partnership-building, promotion and professional development opportunities for in-bound and out-bound operators - from local to international, from grassroots to global. Spread the word about the sustainability efforts and ecotourism opportunities at your hotel, hostel, lodge, retreat, b&b - a great way to engage your team, community members and guests. Grow your market through business-to-business connections and networking opportunities! Increase your visibility among industry leaders and decision-makers from around the world. Strengthen your outreach, networking and marketing efforts through TIES' global community, and help further your mission supporting conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

Organization Member Benefit Overview



Marketing and Publicity Tools



Premium Plus

Featured Member Listing on TIES Homepage What's This?

Listed as a "Featured Member" on TIES homepage (100K+ visitors/mo) for 1 year.


Featured Member Listing in TIES eNewsletter  

Reach TIES 35K+ industry professionals with a listing in one newsletter edition.


Member Article on TIES Website

Reach TIES news readers with an article about your organization (content & links).

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Staff Assistance with Your Member Profile What's This?

Additional staff time to assist with your member profile page and links/backlinks.

  Yes Yes

Social Media Promotion What's This?

Promotion on TIES Facebook page (50K+ Likes) and LinkedIn. Up to 12 posts per year.

  Yes Yes

Organization Member Profile What's This?

Customized member profile page, with direct link to your website.

Yes Yes Yes

Promotional Materials What's This?

Use of TIES Member Logo and other member-only promotional materials.

Yes Yes Yes

Listing in TIES eNewsletter 

Listing in TIES monthly newsletter when you start or renew your membership.

Yes Yes Yes

Opportunity to Publish Articles and Press Releases

Share your best practice stories, events and news items on to boost your reach

Yes Yes Yes

Networking & Capacity Building Opportunities


Free Professional Memberships for Employees  What's This?

For all full-time professional employees working in the organization.

1 Employee
Yes Yes

Free TIES-EXCHANGE Accounts for Employees

For all full-time professional employees working in the organization.  Network, post job opportunities.

1 Employee
Yes Yes

Member Discount on the ESTC Registration Rate What's This?

Member rate for TIES annual Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC).

1 Employee
Yes Yes

Multimedia Library Access What's This?

Access to workshop videos and webinar recordings through TIES-EXCHANGE.  Full access to all TIES Expert Forum videos.  

Yes Yes Yes

eLibrary Access What's This?

Access to TIES eBooks and reports, and research papers by TIES members.

Yes Yes Yes

Educational Opportunities

Participate in TIES education courses. FREE webinars and discount on the Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management

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*TIES membership fees are based on an annual membership term.
For more information, please visit the Member Policies page.


*Lifetime membership options available. We'll take 25% off a 2 year membership, and 33% off a 3 year membership. Lifetime memberships are the equivalent of a five year membership and never expire!

Contact for more information. 




US$ 550/year

US$ 1,250/year

Questions? Contact us at membership[at] to set up a meeting call and to discuss the best membership options for you.

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Member Benefit Details


Member Profile

Organization Member Profile features include:

  • Custom URL: Profile page link with individualized URL (e.g.
  • Link Back: Your Organization Member name is linked directly to your website
  • Profile Picture: Your member profile features a profile picture of your choice (e.g. your company logo, picture of your lodge).
  • Like & Share Buttons: Site visitors can easily "Like" and "+1" your profile and share the link to your page through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Sustainability Practices: Highlight your commitment to sustainability! Your organization description includes a section on your green practices, community initiatives and sustainability achievements.
  • Team Members: Your Organization Member profile includes links to your employees and staff members' Professional Member profile pages.
  • Social Media Links: You can link to all your social media profiles on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and more.

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SEO Assistance with Your Member Profile

Staff Assistance with Your Member Profile

(Premium & Premium Plus Levels Only) Take advantage of your dedicated member profile page on, a high traffic website with a visitor base relevant to your target audience. Make sure your member profile page is set up correctly to maximize search engine visibility. TIES staff will assist you with the settings of your member profile page, and links/backlinks to and from your website.


*This service is limited to basic settings related to member profile pages

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Featured Member Listing on TIES Homepage

(Exclusive to Premium Plus Level) Reach a potential of 68,000+ monthly website visitors! Your logo (thumbnailed picture, 105px x 105px) and a link to your member profile page will be on TIES home page, providing a prominent visibility on this highly ranked website. The Featured Members section on TIES home page is updated every quarter (March, June, September, December), listing all "Premium Plus" level members who join or renew during the pervious quarter.

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Social Media Posting

Social Media Promotion

Take advantage of TIES prominent online presence in the social media sphere to raise awareness of your organization! What makes social media interactions interesting is that they are, well, social. Rather than just advertise your product or talk about your company, our aim is to highlight you, our members and to engage our audience in conversations about your ecotourism initiatives and sustainability efforts. 


Premium and Premium Plus Organization Members have the opportunity to be mentioned on TIES Facebook page (36K+ Likes) and LinkedIn.  Submit up to 12 posts per year to be featured on TIES social media outlets.

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Newsletter Promotion


Listing in TIES eNewsletter

TIES monthly newsletter reaches more then 30,000 subscribers. Each month, all new and renewed members from that month will be listed.


In addition, Premium Plus members are featured in TIES eNews, with a thumbnailed profile picture, a short description (up to 160 characters, and a link to the member profile page. The featured member listing in TIES eNews corresponds with the listing in the Featured Members section on TIES home page, and is updated every quarter (March, June, September, December).

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Member Logo

Member-Only Promotional Materials

Showcase your commitment to sustainability by using TIES Member Logo, Member Certificate and other member-only promotional materials on your website, blog or email signature. All web-based member-only promotional materials (logos and banners) are available for download from the Member Center, and custom Member Certificate (print-quality electronic file) can be provided upon request.

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Articles & Press Release

Publish Articles & Press Releases

All TIES Organization Members have the opportunity to submit articles and press releases to be published on Member articles highlight best practice examples, project news and updates, and professional opportunities. Publishing on is a great way to gain publicity, and to be featured in TIES newsletter for additional exposure.

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Additional Employees

Free Professional Memberships for Employees

(Exclusive to Premium-Plus Level) Allow your employees to become Professional Members at no additional costs. With a Professional Membership, your employees can create their member profile page, have access to all Professional Member benefits, including TIES-EXCHANGE, and promote the organization throughout TIES network.

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TIESEXCHANGE - Member Networking

Access to TIES-EXCHANGE - Member Network:

  • Network: Connect with fellow TIES members from around the world, and enhance your networking experiences.
  • Connect: Find members and use EXCHANGE Groups and other features to generate business and connect.
  • Share: Join EXCHANGE groups to find people who share your interests, participate in discussions, and post questions and answers.
  • Learn: View videos and webinars from past ESTC sessions and workshops on topics such as marketing, product development, certification programs, and more.
  • Promote: Increase your visibility among tourism industry influencers and decision makers by actively sharing information and exchanging ideas.

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Unlimited TIES-EXCHANGE Access

Unlimited Employees Access to TIES-EXCHANGE

(Exclusive to Premium-Plus Level) All your employees with valid organization email addresses can join TIES-EXCHANGE for free. This is a great way to maximize your organization's membership benefits and to extend to your team members the networking and professional development opportunities available through TIES global community.

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Job Board

Job Board

Access various employment opportunities, job openings, consultancy gigs and project positions on the Job Board section of TIES-EXCHANGE. Members have can post, as well as view, vacancies and job opportunities We also provide a section for internship and volunteer opportunities, where members can share and promote intern and volunteer positions at their organizations.

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Multimedia Library Access

Through TIES-EXCHANGE, members can access educational videos (workshop and conference presentation recordings, webinars). Some examples of topics include: how to effectively market sustainable tourism businesses, sustainable tourism destination development and management, and ecolodge planning, design and operations.

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eLibrary Access

Members have unlimited access TIES online document library, and can view and download e-books, case studies, reports, and research papers from around the world.

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ESTC Connections

Member Discount on ESTC Registration Rate

The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC) is TIES' annual industry conference promoting sustainability in tourism. Attracting a number of leading operators, wholesalers and hoteliers, as well as the media, the ESTC offers unique opportunities to showcase sustainability stories to tourism industry influencers globally.


TIES Organization Members at the Basic, Premium and Premium Plus member levels can apply the special member discount on the ESTC registration fee to one (1), two (2) and four (4)+ employees respectively.

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About TIES

As the world's oldest and largest international ecotourism association, TIES seeks to be the global source of knowledge and advocacy uniting communities, conservation, sustainable travel..




> The International Ecotourism Society 



The Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference will highlight global challenges and local opportunities, supporting sustainable development of tourism and promoting solutions that balance conservation, communities and sustainable travel.

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