University Consortium Certificate

University Consortium Certificate


University Consortium Certificate University Consortium Certificate in Sustainable Tourism



Consortium Members

University of Utah
West Virginia University
University of Minnesota
CalPoly University
University of South Carolina - Beaufort
University of Southern Maine


What is UCC?


The University Consortium Certificate (UCC) in Sustainable and Eco Tourism is a certificate program for university students currently enrolled in a university degree granting institution, which fosters a holistic understanding of ecotourism and sustainable tourism through multi-disciplinary education. With the cooperation of the student’s current university program, the UCC certificate provides a solid educational foundation with a combination experiential learning industry-based opportunities.


The UCC Program offers the opportunities to:
• Develop relevant skills through a flexible curriculum.
• Gain credible professional credentials and connect to ecotourism professionals.
• Prepare for a career in ecotourism and sustainable tourism.


The UCC Study Plan incorporates:
• At least one international course provided through a UCC member.
• At least one web-based or onsite seminar or workshop through TIES.
• An internship focused on elements of ecotourism consisting of 400 hours.


Note: The UCC Program is NOT part of the GW/TIES Certificate program which is focused on professional development and does not grant university credit.


How to Participate in the UCC

Students: The UCC Program is for students who have completed their Freshman and Sophomore year and hold the equivalent Junior or Senior standing.


Your first step is to please contact the Academic Consortium Advisors at UCC member universities directly (see the list below) to discuss your application and proposed Study Plan (click on link to Study Plan form).

If you are not enrolled in one of the member universities, but are currently enrolled full time in a university in the United States or Canada, please contact the TIES mentor: for further enrollment instructions.


Once the student has contacted either their affiliate faculty member at the UCC Institution or the TIES Mentor Faculty, the student submits the proposed program form with their registration.




Universities: The UCC program assists member universities in the provision of a concentration of study in ecotourism and sustainable tourism within a wide range of disciplines including architecture, business, environmental studies, geography, hospitality, law, public administration and recreation. Please contact: to learn more about the application process and to discuss the potential of your university becoming a UCC Member


UCC Student Handbook
 Download Student Brochure
UCC University Handbook
 Download University Brochure


UCC Program Benefits

Benefits for Students


• Industry-wide and academically recognized endorsement.
• TIES Professional membership (2 years).
• Access to potential employers and research projects.
• Practical hands-on experiences, projects, and skill development.
• Experiential education focus appropriate to a range of professions.
• Opportunities in relevant study abroad programs and coursework.
• Professional employment opportunities through direct field contacts.


Benefits for UCC University Members


• The opportunity to offer unique experiential learning options.
• TIES College & University Premium Plus membership.
• Enhanced recruitment opportunities for the University and department.
• Increased program offerings without increasing faculty teaching loads.
• Increased industry and professional contacts.


Current UCC Members


California Polytechnic State University

Jerusha Greenwood, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Recreation, Parks & Tourism Administration Natural Resources Management


University of Utah

Kelly S. Bricker, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Parks, Recreation, & Tourism


West Virginia University

Dave Smaldone, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources
Division of Forestry & Natural Resources


University of Minnesota

Ingrid E. Schneider, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Forest Resources & Tourism Center


University of South Carolina-Beaufort

John Salazar, Ph.D., CHE
Associate Professor
Department of Hospitality Management


University of Southern Maine

Dr. David Jones
Associate Professor
Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies



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